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700 units of XCMG mining equipment at a mining area in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia
Source : www.xzunique.com  Published date: 2020-10-26   Read the number: 255

Wuhai is known as a “northern-frontier town of coal”.

Coal drives the local economy.

But it pollutes the environment and destroys the ecology.

The city is blanketed by suffocating black ash.

How can the mining industry coexist with environmental protection? This is a headache for the Wuhai city government. It has decided to enact stricter laws to protect the environment and resources. XCMG’s advanced mining technology is adopted to upgrade mining equipment and make mines greener for economic and environmental sustainability.

XCMG’s mining machines are both large and green.

Innovation means something that grows out of nothing. Originality helps make something better. XCMG stays committed to creating real benefits, cutting down on costs and providing unexpected solution packages.

“XCMG pursues endless perfection. Its mining equipment consumes less oil every year. This impresses us a lot. The products are really user-oriented,” said a mining area head in Wuhai.

The mining area is equipped with over 500 XCMG mining dumpers and 200-plus XCMG 70-300t mining hydraulic excavators. Other equipment including mining shovels are made by XCMG. The staff in the mining area said, XCMG's equipment is cost-effective and can really reduce consumption. Our costs have been reduced. Wuhai's mining industry has become green.”

Stay market-centered and improve product quality

Over the years, XCMG has taken a market-centered approach to meet the precise needs of the customers. It has customized large design solution packages and professional service plans.

Wuhai mining area features diversified geological forms, with high hardness but low humidity. As a result, high-performance equipment is needed.

“Our cooperation with XCMG began with the 70t small excavator XE700D. At the time, we trusted XCMG for its high quality. Since we heard that XCMG began making large mining excavators, we have been following it. From consulting to purchase, XCMG's brand and services are first-class,” said the mining area head in Wuhai.

XCMG’s complete mining equipment crystallizes its commitment to making durable products with leading technology

It is precisely an excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, and green construction that has helped XCMG’s mining equipment take root in Wuhai.

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. As a leader and pioneer of China's construction machinery industry, XCMG follows government policies to make mining equipment large, automated, intelligent, and green. XCMG constantly makes technical breakthroughs and speeds up product transformation and upgrading to provide solutions to making Chinese mines greener, safer, and smarter.

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Contact Us
Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

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