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Move With the Wind! The Amazing Debut of the “King of Wind Power Lifting” Over 160 Meters!
Source : www.xzunique.com  Published date: 2020-10-20   Read the number: 1063

Recently, the most–discussed

With the largest lifting capacity in China

The wind power luffing jib tower crane: XCMG XGL1800

arrived at Yulin Wind Farm in Shaanxi

Its strong performance, high efficiency and high quality

Will be tested by the market

Demonstrating its charm as “a Pillar of a Great Power”

“The Pillar of a Great Power” amazed the world! As China celebrated its National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival, XCMG’s XGL1800 wind power luffing jib tower crane enjoyed the moment of glory: its first lifting operation in the market.

The Yuyang Dabutu wind farm is where XGL1800 wind power luffing jib tower crane started its first lifting operation in the market after it was rolled out. On October 1, XCMG’s XGL1800 wind power luffing jib tower crane successfully lifted the 3.0 MW wind turbine, and delivered an amazing debut.

The XGL1800 wind power luffing jib tower crane was rolled out in August, and the handover ceremony was held in XCMG Construction Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Base in September. Mr. Li Ming, general manager of Xinjiang Zhongtianneng, noted at the ceremony, “The XGL1800 developed by XCMG will surely take the industry to a new level!”

It is reported that Yuyang Dabutu Wind Farm is located in the Mu Us Desert at the junction of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, which belongs to Yuyang District, Shaanxi Province. The farm has soft soil, criss-crossing ravines and gullies, and a narrow space, with powerful sandstorms from time to time.

XGL1800 wind power luffing jib tower crane occupies the smallest installation space. It is the most cost-effective crane of its kind with the best overall performance in lifting operations. Even in such complex conditions, the crane can easily lift an impeller with a maximum diameter of 140 meters and properly install it at a height of 140 meters!

XGL1800 tower crane adopts luffing compensation technology and millimeter-level worm-speed control technology in a single operation, delivers stable lifting and accurate positioning,  properly deals with the deflection interference and over-deflection, demonstrating superior movement coordination, micro-motion and excellent accuracy and stability.

The on-site personnel commented: “October marks the change of seasons in Yuyang. The wind speed changes drastically, adding to the difficulty and risk of lifting operations. It is also a big challenge to the wind power lifting equipment, so we are a bit anxious about the operation.”

The sand storms has driven up the wind speed to over 12m/s at the construction site, yet the powerful, safe XGL1800 neatly lifted all parts of the wind turbine in a stable and swift manner, showcasing the product’s extraordinary lifting capacities and resilience in severe conditions. XGL1800 truely lives up to its title of the “King of Wind Power Lifting Over 160 Meters”.

The strong wins by technology and quality, not by scale. To respond to customers’ trust and support, XCMG will uphold the philosophy of making “Leading Technology and Everlasting Products”, provide customers with more reliable products and services, and help them succeed.

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Contact Us
Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

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