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XCMG crane QY50KA to Kenya
Source : www.xzunique.com  Published date: 2020-10-16   Read the number: 143

On 16th Sep. 2020, one unit 50 ton truck crane QY50KA was loaded on vessel, it will be delivered to Mombase port Kenya.

QY50KA Truck Crane is a competitive product that tailor-made for customers by

XCMG Hoisting Crane Business Division, depending on technologies in K-series

cranes in more than 10 years and integrating several latest achievements in scientific


The whole crane has leading lifting performance and traveling performance, and

highest hoisting, elevating and telescoping efficiency in the industry. It is widely used in

various working sites such as construction sites, urban renewal, transportation, port, bridge,

oil field, mine field and other complex working environments.

(1) Leading lifting performance and traveling performance

With optimized structure design, boom length 11.4~43.5m, it has strong lifting

performance that is 5%~10% higher than products of same tonnage in the industry.

Large power engine contributes to excellent dynamic performance, strong grade

ability and good pass ability. Max. grade ability is 42%, max. travel speed is 80km/h.

(2) Mature and reliable double pump confluence technology, highest hoisting, elevating

and telescoping efficiency in the industry

The system achieves double pump confluence via telescoping, elevating and hoisting

operation so as to improve working efficiency and satisfy the demands of market and


Specially designed confluence multi-way valve, double pump confluence technology

is adopted in winch raising and lowering, boom telescoping and elevating up operation,

working efficiency in elevating and telescoping operation is leading in the industry.

(3) Improved reliability of radiation and electric systems, safer lifting and driving


Double fold line winch is used in winch system, which greatly improves reliability.

Waterproof plug-ins with rubber bushinside is adopted in electric system, the crane

has good waterproofness and protection grade reaches IP65.

Air-conditioner condenser is arranged separately, system exhaust port is added to

future improve heat exchange rate of radiation system, permissible ambient temperature is

above 45.

Fuel tank made of aluminium alloy is adopted, which has good appearance and

quality, and strong corrosion resistance.

(4) Air-assisting shift gears bring more comfortable operation

Exclusive shift boost protection mechanism effectively avoids unsmooth shifting of

transmission. Compared with products of same tonnage in the industry, shifting force in

driving is reduced by 50%, shifting distance is decreased by 30%, comfort in operation of

customer is improved effectively.

(5) New upgraded outline and humanized design, more comfortable driving operation

With brand new operator’s cab, driver’s cab, engine hook and cover, the crane has

novel appearance, streamlined and elegant outline.

Rearview mirrors are equipped in operator’s cab to observe working environment

easily. Front pedal and sliding pedal at left side are available, which are convenient for

entering and going out of operator’s cab.

Ladders at both sides of chassis are convenient to climbing up and down the crane.

Toolbox is located at right rear side of the frame, which is convenient for customers to

store supplied tools.


Contact Us
Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

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