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Chinese innovation refreshes American cognition, XCMG XCR60L5_U pull exhibition product details!
Source : www.xzunique.com  Published date: 2020-3-21   Read the number: 70

China's crane manufacturing industry has entered the high-end market of Europe and the United States in an all-round way, and the "all-ground" + "off-road crane" can walk with both feet steadily and far. At the Las Vegas international construction machinery show, following the north American customized XCA110_U all-ground 100-ton work, XCMG's new heavy lifting product -- XCR60L5_U off-road tire crane, a new crane based on XCMG's four innovative technology platforms, with super high performance, green energy saving, efficient intelligence, quality and efficiency.

The off-road tyre crane was first developed in Europe, North America and Japan where the construction is dense and the industry is developed. For more than 50 years, the off-road tyre crane has been continuously surviving and growing due to its excellent performance in the most harsh construction environment and most remote areas.

It was a late start, but it has a lot of staying power. In the past ten years, relying on the crane technology accumulation of more than half a century, XCMG has continuously strengthened and improved the r&d and production of off-road tire cranes. The first-generation "RT" series and second-generation "XCR" series have gradually brought the r&d and manufacturing level of off-road tire cranes in China to a new height.

XCR60L5_U, equipped with three telescopic boom modes, has a wide operating range and strong adaptability to working conditions. It is widely used in oil field construction, mine construction, construction, road and bridge construction, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as other fire forces to carry out conventional rescue in narrow space and many other working conditions.

Custom - XCR60L5_U into the north American market

A high quality off-road tyre crane, needs the off-road performance, the lifting performance is good both configuration. XCR60L5_U has the longest main arm in the industry with five sections of 43.6m, and the maximum arm length can reach 59.6m after the auxiliary arm is installed. The arm length and lifting performance are leading in the industry.

Large displacement double variable piston pump matching with XCMG patented technology of the confluent valve, lifting efficiency increased by 13%, operation efficiency industry leading.

High power engine + low speed and large torque hydraulic torque transmission system, the acceleration performance is improved by 10%, the maximum speed is 36km/h, the maximum climbing ability is 86%, the minimum turning radius is only 6m, the industry is the smallest, mobile flexibility, quick turning.

The XCR60L5_U data is also very useful in saving energy, which is of great concern to users in Europe and the us: three energy-saving measures, with lower costs. Double variable pump valve-controlled load sensitive new energy-saving hydraulic system, fuel consumption under different working conditions, reduce 10%~15%. ECO energy-saving control reduced fuel consumption by 5%-9% under different working conditions. Torque converter with latching function, large torque at low speed, high speed and high efficiency, driving fuel consumption reduced by 20%.

XCR60L5_U proprietary driving safety active protection technology, for different fault types, classification and classification management, active alarm, speed limit, automatic braking, significantly improve the driving of the active safety of vehicles. Intelligent arm, standardize the use of users, improve the safety of the use of products, provide users with the most effective lifting scheme, improve the efficiency of operations. Fault self-diagnosis, 285 control nodes, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis, and real-time display on the display.

The gold standard shapes quality and style

Dare with the home advantage of the European and American markets "challenge", the rise of XCMG off-road tire crane relying on XCMG people "technology leading use not to destroy" quality gold standard. XCMG XCR series off-road tire crane products have improved the reliability of 9 major systems in 39 items, from the parts bench test, loading test to the whole machine reliability test, comprehensive testing and verification, to ensure the high reliability of the products. The whole machine has carried out more than 10,000 lifting tests and 4500km comprehensive pavement reliability running tests.

In terms of environmental adaptability, the environmental problems applicable to XCR products have been raised from -20℃ ~ +40℃ to -30℃ ~ +45℃, the applicable altitude has been raised from the original 1000m to 3000m, and the electromagnetic anti-interference ability has been raised from the original 30mhz-1ghz to 10mhz-1ghz. The applicable working environment has wider temperature range, higher altitude and stronger anti-interference ability.

XCR full clan open new space

After six years of research, XCT truck crane and XCA all-ground crane have been incubated on XCMG G generation wheeled crane technology platform. Three years later, XCMG off-road tire crane made efforts to develop 27 new XCR products in 7 regions at the right moment, for the desert, oil fields, ports, urban narrow space and other special application environment under the injection of G generation of "rain".

As a new generation of high adaptability to off-road tyre crane products, XCMG XCR series with advanced performance, high reliability, strong adaptability, energy saving low consumption, and manipulation of the intelligence, high-end quality and so on six big characteristic, covering a total of 6 t, 30-120 t complete spectrum, 7 new Chinese machine to reignite the domestic hoisting market forces, 20 overseas models firmly lock in North America, Europe, Middle East, southeast Asia and other main hoisting new market.

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Contact Us
Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

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