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  Fire Machinery Water tower fire truck  


XCMG  80m Water Tower Fire Truck JP80

1.Original Benz 4144 chassis, engine power 320 KW, emission meeting China IV standard, luxury configuration, comfortable operation, Benz Telligent® intelligent shift, braking, maintenance system, anti-lock braking system ( ABS ) and Acceleration Skid Control System(ASR).

2、Perfect Function of Fire Fighting System
1)Advanced system configuration: US Darley PSP1500 fire pump and AKRON 3578/ 5177 / 3626 fire monitor are adopted. The pump is driven by full power take-off device, with reliable performance and can provides water in large flow and high pressure to put out the fire in time and effectively.
2)The truck-mounted stainless steel fire-fighting tank has an effective liquid load of 4.4 tons, including 2.9 tons of water and 1.5 tons of foam liquid. The truck is complete with US Darley FSB120-C full-automatic foam proportion mixing system with mixing ratio 0.5 - 10 %, which can be used for fire fighting and rescue of Class A and B; in addition, it is equipped with manual foam proportional mixer as backup in case of any failure of the automatic proportional mixer; external sucking foam port is provided to supplement foam from outside in case of running out of original foam, ensuring the continuity of fire fighting operations.3)The fire control system of the truck adopts electric and pneumatic control and is easily operated. The main fire monitor can be controlled in a wireless remote way at 100 meters away.

3、The truck adopts a distributing controls based on PLC and can bus, and redundancy controls, i.e. double signal sensor for monitoring, double bus for transmission, double controller for processing and double valve control output. Large-screen LCD display as man-machine interaction interface provides rich information and fault diagnosis, realizing logic control and electric proportion control by combining conventional electric system. The system has the characteristics of high integration, good reliability, good repeatability, convenient setting and so on, and can conveniently and reliably realize various safety protection functions.

4、For the hydraulic system, advanced load-sensitive pump and load-sensitive valve form a high-performance closed-core control system with low starting pressure, stable speed, energy saving and high efficiency.

Main performance data
Overall size : (L x W x H)12920×2500×4000mm
Full-load weight42600kg
Maximum truck speed≥90km/h(electronic speed limit
Minimum turning diameter≤25m
Approach angle≥22°
Departure angle≥9°
Maximum gradeability≥25%
Outrigger spanOutrigger longitudinal span6750mm
Outrigger transversal span5430mm
Maximum operating height80m
Maximum operating radius26m
Jib rack luffing angleNo.1 jib rack 0°—86°
No.1 and No. 2 jib jack 0°—162°
Turning range360° full circle turning
Leg deployment time≤40s
Time required for jib rack rising to rated height and then turning 90°≤310s
Maximum turning speed0.5~1.5r/min
Fire pumpRated flow50 L/s
Rated pressure1.6MPa
Fire monitorModel3578+36263578+3626
Rated flow48 L/s48 L/s
Rated pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Shoot range60m(water55m(foam


Contact Us
Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

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