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  Road Building Machinery Cold milling machine  

XM1303K road milling machine is a high-performance 1.3m-wide milling machine mainly used for the digging and renovation of asphalt concrete pavements in highways, downtown roads, airports, cargo yards, and parking lots.

Performance Characteristics:
* This machine is powered by Shangchai 177kW electronic injection engine is applied to achieve higher power reserve than domestic like products. With higher working power, this engine can be used to effectively handle the working conditions with harder material and higher milling depth. * This engine conforms to the China III emission regulation to advocate environmental-friendly construction and reduce environmental pollution. With the fuel consumption at 40L/h under rated power, this engine features lower fuel consumption and better operation economy. * The milling drum in diameter of 930mm is installed to achieve the 300mm maximum miling depth and remove the whole asphalt concrete pavement by single cycle. * The 45m/min working speed is higher than the like products. Three working speeds are provided to achieve more accurate matching between working speed and working load. * The milling drum is driven by mechanical belt to achieve higher drive efficiency than hydraulic drive. The super -high capacity water tank and fuel tank (860L and 450L respectively) guarantee longer continuous working time and reduce the down time. * The intelligent sprinkling control technology is applied so that the sprinkling is turned off automatically at the stop of milling and is turned on automatically at the restart of milling to save the manual operation steps.
Milling drumMilling drum Milling widthmm1300
Milling depthmm300
Tool spacingmm15
Number of tools119
Rotor diameter with toolmm930
Cooling method Water coolingWater cooling
Number of cylinders6
Rated power/speedkW177
Rated power consumptionL40
Comprehensive fuel consumptionL13.3
Emission StandardNational Ⅲ
Electrical systemV24
Box capacityBox capacity Fuel tankL450
Hydraulic oil tankL130
Water tankL860
Driving performanceDriving performance Maximum operating speedm/min45
Maximum speedkm/h8
Theoretical climbing ability%75
Ground clearancemm180
TireTire Tire Form Solid Rubber TireSolid Rubber Tire
Front tire sizemm645×300
Rear tire sizemm645×300
Milling material conveyingMilling material conveyor Belt widthmm500
Theoretical feeding capacitym3/h127
Transport sizeShipping Size Host Size (L×W×H)mm4837×2846×3745
Host size (right leg swings into the frame) (L×W×H)mm4837×2357×3745
Folding conveyor sizemm7300×1085×980
Machine weightMachine Quality Workkg17500
Front axle load (under working quality)kg6000
Rear axle load (under working quality)kg11500


Contact Us
Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

Justin: +86 151 6224 9779
Mandy: +86 151 6224 9737

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